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How Electricians Install a Kitchen Countertop Pop Up Electrical Outlet                                                       


In this age of technology, when you have mobile phones and tablets in your hand, you cannot imagine a room without adequate electrical outlets.

However, not all homes are designed in a customized manner. That means there might be limited circuits or outlets in the kitchen just letting you connect your juicer. So, for connecting a microwave or your phone, you’ll have to wait.

But we have a better solution to cater to this problem. You can get the pop-up electrical outlets in the kitchen and resolve your issue for once.

Great idea, but that’s will that require an electrician? That’s true! But we can share the method the electrician used to install the kitchen counter to pop up the electrical outlet.

If you are good at electrical DIY, you might want to try it.

However, try maintaining all the safety measures as there must be no compromise on safety. In case you need help, you can call Chicago Electricians, and we’ll send the experts your way.

How to install a kitchen countertop pop-up electrical outlet?

So, let’s get started with the entire process. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

Selection of location:

The first step in installing a pop-up electrical outlet in your kitchen is selecting the right location. Ideally, choose an area where you usually place your appliances so you can easily connect them to the outlet.

However, the selected location must be away from the sink and stove because you will not want water or heat to create any problems with your electrical outlets.

Another important thing you must take care of is the guidelines set by National Electric Code (NEC). According to these guidelines, you must have an outlet on the first 9 square feet of your countertop, and after that, every 18 square feet must have an outlet.

With all these aspects under consideration, you can choose an adequate place for your electrical outlet.

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Cut an enclosure for your pop-up electrical outlet:

It is a crucial step as it involves proper cutting of the countertop. Irrespective of the countertop type, you won’t like extra cutting or scratches, so you must be vigilant.

You could be missing a professional electrician here because they have the right tools for doing so and the experience as well.

Before cutting out the piece, ensure you know the exact measurements for the electrical pop-up because cutting too much or too little will prove counterproductive.

Drill the holes for the cables:

You will place your electrical outlet at a new place so there won’t be any electrical connection beforehand. You’ll have to drill the holes where you want your electrical pop-up to show up.

The 1-inch hole will be enough for placing your wire through the cabinet to the electrical outlet.

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Connect the wires to the nearest electrical unit:

Slide the wire through the hole you have just created in your cabinet to reach the nearest outlet. Wire the cables properly and fix the pop-up to its place with the help of a screwdriver.

Check if the electrical outlet is working:

Before you can consider your electrical outlet installation venture a success, make sure to check if it is working properly. Using a multimeter might help, or you can use a simple tester.

Once the meter indicates the current flow, you can plug in your appliances; it must work fine.

Remember not to connect too many appliances or devices on a single outlet, or the breaker will trip.

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Summing up:                               

The process of installing the electrical pop-up outlet might seem easy, but it has a lot of electrical technicalities in it. If you aren’t sure you can do it yourself, you must contact MCC Electric, and our expert team will do it.