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Why Is My Breaker Box on the Outside of My House?


All of us are accustomed to having breaker boxes inside our main entrance, usually in the kitchen, garage, or laundry room.

So, it is natural to be a bit astonished if you see the breaker box outside your home. You are rightly intrigued because this has not been the common practice in the past.

Is there any benefit involved in placing the breaker box outside? Or should you be more cautious? Let’s find an answer in this article. But first things first, what is a breaker box.

What is a breaker box?

A breaker box is the main electrical box that connects your home to the electrical grid. From the breaker box, you can transfer the electrical supply to different parts of your home. It also works as a checking point to analyze any abnormalities in the electrical flow and lets you switch it off to manage a safe environment.

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Reason for placing breaker boxes outside your house:

One of the prominent reasons to fix the breaker box outside the home is to maintain safety. There can be instances of fire; in such a situation, someone must disconnect the main supply before initiating the firefighting process.

So when the breaker is outside your home, it is easier for anyone to switch it off in emergencies.

Besides, the primary connection to the power grid outside the home will be safer if you have naughty kids or pets around. You’ll be in charge of your breaker box, and no one else can use it unnecessarily.

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Difficult to find the breaker box?

You might not be familiar with the practice of fixing breaker boxes outside your house, but it will probably be the case when your home is newly built. So, if you cannot find the breaker box, here is what you can do.

Find the service head on the roof by facing towards the sky. Look for the main electricity lines entering your home. Following these lines, you’ll find the service head, and your breaker box will probably be just beneath it.

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Are there any risks with an outside breaker box?

If you are skeptical that keeping the breaker box outside could be an electrical hazard, you must not worry excessively. The electricians working at your place would have secured it from weather and other possible external threats. So, there is nothing you need to worry about.

Summing up:

Whether your breaker box is within or outside your home, you must not try to mingle with it unnecessarily, as it can be dangerous. If you feel something is not right about your breaker box, never try any DIY electrical tactic. Instead, always call the professional electricians in Chicago and get the needed electrical help.