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What are Infrared Thermal Imaging Surveys?


The thermal imaging surveys represent temperature changes on the surface visually. These surveys utilize thermal imaging cameras to detect temperature changes, which could be because of electrical problems in the wires and outlets.

Purpose of using infrared thermal imaging surveys:

These surveys are crucial in helping create a secure living environment for people. Typically, the following three activities utilize this technique:

Commission of new building:

Before handing over the new house or building to the new clients, using this technique can allow the contractor to check for any potential issues beforehand and rectify them before the delivery.


Another important use of this technique is in the maintenance of the electrical wiring and socket. The survey can help in highlighting the issues and scheduling the tasks accordingly. An initial overview of the entire electrical wiring will ensure that there is minimum unscheduled downtime.

Detection of faults:

In cases where the electric equipment highlights the fault or poor performance, thermography can ensure the possibility of creating a better approach for rectification.

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Industries served:

Thermal imaging isn’t for electrical equipment only; instead, it is used in many other industries. Mechanical, offshore oil and gas platforms, leak detection and moisture issues, fixing the underground heating system are a few to name.

How does it work?

Objects with temperatures over -273.15ºC are capable of emitting infrared radiations. The higher the temperature is, the stronger the infrared emission gets.

The infrared technology used in this process can detect the intensity of the radiation emitted. Based on this detection, a thermal image is created by unique heat detection cameras.

Using these images, the interruptions and patterns of specific wiring can be detected, and this is how faulty or loose connections in an outlet can be identified for repair.

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Summing Up:

Infrared thermal imaging surveys can ease the process of finding electrical faults and rectifying them. Professional electricians utilize this technology to ensure the best service for their customers.