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Difference between the residential electric contractor and the electrician?


For non-professionals, the role of the residential electrical contractor and electrician could be the same. But in reality, it isn’t. There is a clear difference between these roles, and you need to understand that before hiring help for any electrical work.

Role of an electrician:

An electrician is a person or a company that comes to your place to fix any electric issue. It could be anything from fixing a loose wire to adding a new socket.

The scope of the electrical issue is not a matter of concern when you contract an electrician. They should be capable enough, and they’ll help you solve your query.

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Role of the electric contractor:

An electrical contractor is a person who manages the design of the electric installation. They govern the overall plan for the wiring, installation of the socket, scheduling, and managing the budget.

Thus, an electric contractor manages a broader role or the planning phase of all the electrical work. Their role becomes prominent during the construction of a new building or complete renovation.

Can the same company provide an electrician and electrical contractor?

Yes, if you are dealing with a large firm expert in all the electrical work, they’ll have experts in the planning and execution phase, so you can get their help. In most cases, you can expect better services during your new construction or renovation if you hire the same company for normal electric work and planning phases.

Hire MCC Electric:

If you are looking for a reliable residential electrical contractor or professional electrician, you can contact us, and we can help you resolve all your electricity problems. Whether you require a simple, quick fix or a detailed planning phase, we can help you in the best possible way.

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