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How to Prevent Power Surges from Damaging Electronics?


Power surges are not common, but they are possible. Once a power surge hits your electrical sockets, the attached electronics will likely get hit by the extra power. When the higher current flows through the circuits, you can expect the device’s circuits to blow off, making the device redundant.

We are sure you wouldn’t want your electronics to go through all this. So, it is better to take precautionary measures to save your devices from a power surge.

What is Power Surge?

What is a power surge, and why is it important to understand it? Well, it is essential to understand before we move on to learn about how to prevent it. When it comes to understanding electrical measurements, it is also vital to understand the wave of voltage. The abnormal level of voltage lasting for a short period is known as a power surge.

A transient wave of voltage in an electrical circuit. It is basically a subcycle of overvoltage that lasts less than half the cycle of regular voltage. Well, it depends on whether it is additive or subtractive to negative or positive polarity. The power surge usually lasts for a few seconds, and it can reach up to 6000 volts and 3000 Amps.

There can be various reasons for power surges, such as equipment faults or lightning discharges.

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Here are a few steps to ensure safety from power surges:

Wiring Inspection:

You must not neglect the faulty wiring at your home or commercial building. Efficient wiring might not prevent the damage that a power surge can create for your electronics every time, but the presence of faulty wiring can make it worse.

As you have no idea when a power surge can occur, it is better to hold regular inspections of your wiring from a licensed electrician.

Unplug the devices during a storm:

The lightning strike could be another possible reason for a power surge. So, it is better to unplug the devices during a storm. It will save your electronics from possible damage. Read a detailed guide on how to remain safe during a storm.

Employ power surge protectors:

Surge Protectors are your first line of defence against power surges. The surge protectors divert the excess voltage away from your valuable electronics. Find a surge protector with a high joule rating; as such, a protector absorbs more energy. You can find a range of power surge protectors in the form of sockets or stabilizers in the market. You must install it with all your expensive devices.

The power surge protectors ensure the stability of the current that flows from the socket to the appliance, thus restricting any extra voltage from reaching your appliance’s circuit.

Cut down on high voltage consuming devices:

If you are using devices requiring more current, just like the old ACs, it is highly likely that when you switch off your AC or other such devices, there will be a power surge in your home wiring that can impact the other appliances considerably.

Thus, it is better to install devices that do not require extra power and are energy efficient. It will minimize the chances of a power surge in the first place.

Unplug the devices during the storm:

One of the most common causes of a power surge is lightning strikes. The wise step is to unplug the devices from the wall sockets during a storm. Not only your valuable appliances but also smaller devices such as: chargers.

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Summing up:

Using the tips mentioned above can help you minimize the chances of a power surge or reduce the impact that a power surge can create.

If you aim to adopt these procedures when you feel the changes in the electrical intensity, then it might be too late. So, now is the time to analyze the situation and take preventive measures. You can also hire electricians in Chicago to help you.