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How to stay safe from electrical hazards during a storm?


Storms aren’t frequent. But whenever they occur, they bring in physical, mental, and financial fatigue. There are many domains you must look out for when facing a storm. But electrical hazards that come along aren’t any less significant.

In this article, we’ll cover a few tips that can help you stay safe in case of a storm:

Switch off the electricity:

There is a high chance that the main power would already be off from your local grid station during the storm. But in case it isn’t, you must switch off the main electricity of your home. Try putting the individual breakers off as well.

It can reduce the chances of the interaction of electricity with water and thus leave a lesser threat to your lives and property.

Stay away from electrical sockets:

Even when you have powered off, you must be cautious when dealing with the electrical sockets. Going nearby or touching them could be dangerous during the storm. Besides, it is also hazardous if the main power gets back to the grid, you’ll be facing severe damage.

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Do not use portable generators inside your home:

We understand that staying without power is not easy. But you must not use any portable generator or other such equipment that can create problems for you during the storm. Connecting your home with electricity – even if it is off the main grid can create severe problems.

Get your electric connections inspected by a professional electrician:

In a few cases, a storm can be by a flood. If that is the case, you must hire a licensed electrician to inspect your electrical outlets and connections before connecting to electricity.

Do not use electrical gadgets and sockets with wet hands:

You must try to avoid any contact with the water and electricity together as it can be dangerous. You must avoid touching the electrical circuits, especially breakers, if your hands are wet or if you have water on the floor.

Be extra cautious in case of flood:

In case of flood after the storm, even the non-conducting objects might have the current. Wet wood and clothes can also become a conductor, so avoid any contact with a damp surface. It is better to find a safe space out of the water, particularly on the roof, to restrict any sorts of mishaps.

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Gas smell:

If you smell gas, do not switch on the burner or any other electrical appliance before you get your home inspected. A minor spark can lead to the destruction of the entire house. So, do not take the risk.

Summing up:

Facing a storm is a difficult thing to handle. You must be cautious and void all the activities that can bring in electrical risk along with them. To help you in such a scenario, we have shared a few tips. You can adapt them to stay safe.

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