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How to Power Outdoor Lights? (Complete Details)


While the internal house area is fully wired to offer you multiple electrical sockets and outlets, it can be tricky to install the outdoor lights. You might not have the wiring or an outlet where you can connect the switches. So, what’s the solution?

Should you leave the outer part of your home without light? Well, we won’t suggest it. Having no light outdoors can be dangerous or deprive you of the possible evening fun you could have.

The best thing you can do is find a simple light that you can fix yourself if you don’t want to hire an electrician for such a small task.

In this article, we’ll guide you step by step through the entire process of fixing and powering the simple outdoor light.

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Process of fixing and powering outdoor light:

Here’s the process to fit and power the outdoor lights:

Step 1: Switch off the breaker:

Before you start your work with the wires, it is essential to switch off the breakers or the direct electricity supply to the concerned area. Double-check the interruption in the current flow through the voltage tester.

Step 2: Find the optimal spot for lighting:

The first step here is to find the optimal spot for fixing the lights. It must be done as close to the socket or outlet.

Once identified, drill the hole to connect the light. It must run slightly downhill. Line the hole with a plastic conduit and put the cable through.

Step 3: Connect cable cores to the terminals:

Connect the cable cores with the correct terminals using strip connectors. Do not forget to wrap PVC tape tightly around these connectors to keep out the dampness.

Step 4: Fix the light on the wall:

Now you need to fix the light on the wall. The exact procedure may vary depending upon the fanciness of the light you have selected to be part of your outdoor lights.

Step 5: Connect the supply cable with the primary lighting cable:

Find a suitable position to cut into the main lighting cable. A four-terminal junction cable must be helpful in this regard.

Fix a switch and connect 1mm² of two core-and-earth cables to the junction box.

Now test if the power is off using a voltage tester. If it is off, cut through the main circuit cable and add a connection in the junction box.

Step 6: Test your outdoor lighting:

Now test your outdoor lighting connection by switching on the breaker and the associated switch. If the outdoor light lit up, you have established a proper connection without the help of an electrician.

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