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Are Multiple Electrical Sockets Safe?


In a few sockets, there is a possibility of connecting multiple plugs. Do you think it is a safe thing to do?

We’ll address this question here in this article.

Are multiple electrical sockets safe?

It depends. We do not want to confuse you with this statement. But it depends upon the type of products you are using in those sockets. 

If you are using products with fewer power requirements, you can connect multiple plugs safely; otherwise, we’ll recommend you avoid doing so.

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What is the optimal load that a socket can handle?

Whether you are using multiple electrical sockets or are considering a single appliance to be connected directly to the switch, you have to keep in mind the maximum load that a circuit can handle.

Generally, it is 3000W. You’ll find many electrical products around you that don’t consume much of electricity, so you can think of pairing them up in the form of multiple electrical plugs in a single socket.

Such products include a mobile phone charger, a simple lamp, a radio, and a DVD player. Getting them all into one socket wouldn’t create any risk or hazard for you.

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What harm can it bring?

You might not have anticipated it, but using all the electrical sockets in a plug could lead to overloading. It means that the flow of current is more than the amount your circuit can handle. Such a situation can create a short circuit, resulting in a fire.

Even in the best cases, an overloaded circuit can impact your breaker and power supply, for which you might need a professional electrician.

Summing up:

Using multiple electrical sockets might look like a convenient way to manage different electrical gadgets. But its performance and safety depend upon the types of devices you are connecting. So, be careful about it.

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