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How Much do Electricians Make in Chicago?


Have you hired a professional electrician lately? Has the amount charged made you wonder about the total amount an electrician would earn in Chicago?

A professional electrician earns a significant amount each year, depending upon several factors, which we’ll be discussing here in this article.

Here’s what an electrician earns:

The base pay of an electrician working in the Chicago region is approximately $60,000. The electrician in Schaumburg might earn a bit lesser than Chicago’s electrician.

Below we are sharing a few factors that determine the remuneration of an electrician.


Experience in electrical work can determine the exact rate of an electrician. The longer the experience, the more rates you should expect to pay and ultimately higher earnings per year for the electrician.

Association with the company:

If an electrician is associated with the company, they are highly likely to pay more to an electrician on an hourly basis comparing the electrician who is working privately; thus more income by the end of the year.

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The task at hand:

There is a base rate that electricians charge for regular jobs, but if you want the whole wiring replaced or get into the other technical work; you’ll have to pay more for the services. It means a higher yearly income for the electricians.

Other factors:

The need for electricians during a particular time might also result in an increase in the hourly rates. Similarly, season change can have an impact too. Overall, the principle of demand can be applied here. The more it is, the higher would be the cost.

Summing up:

The basic pay of $55000 per year has been calculated after, keeping all these factors into account. However, this is the average amount that electricians can get in Chicago; the actual amount earned by a particular individual can vary.

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