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What Types of Electricians Are there?

Do you know there are different types in the profession of the electrician too? Do you want to know the types and how can each of these be helpful for you? We’ll share this in this article:


These electrical workers deal with wires with higher voltages. They are known as the outside electrician. Whether it is in the commercial or industrial domain, these electricians are useful in all these settings.


The other type of electrician is the wireman, also known as the inside electrician. These electricians work with low voltages. Their role is usually in the building’s interior.

Apprentice electrician:

You can consider these electricians to be at the entry levels of their electric skills. You’ll have to get through hundred hours of classroom training to get at this level.

It takes around 3 years to 6 years to get a license as an apprentice electrician.

Journeyman Electrician:

This status is attained once you fulfill all the requirements to be a journeyman electrician. You’ll require passing the test set by the state, local, or federal level to get this license.

Master Electrician:

This is the highest level of electrician that you can find in the country. Each of the states has different requirements to achieve this level. Usually, 4000 journeyman hours are required, along with a licensing exam, to get to this level.

Summing Up:

Depending upon the work requirement, you can choose between all these types of electricians. Knowledge about these types is important to determine the expertise level of the professional you’ll be hiring. Besides, it also determines the charges that you should be expecting to pay for the services. MCC Electric has expert electricians on the panel. So, you can always contact us.

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