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Is the three plug adapter safe to use?


Does your new mixer have a three-pronged plug attached? Well, this is the standard in the United States. But the issue is that your home switches still have two-prong sockets? Now, this is a problem, as you can’t get your sockets replaced in the spur of the moment to use your mixer, right?

We have an easy solution for you to sort this issue out. Want to know?

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You can use the three plug adapter to resolve this issue. If you are concerned about the safety of the three plug adapter, then read further as we’ll highlight this issue in detail.

Ampere Issue:

One thing that might create an issue in the working of this adapter is the ampere issue. You’ll have to examine if the wiring and your three plug adapter can handle the ampere flow. If you’ll use the high ampere gadget with the plug, it’ll result in overheating, which can cause overheating.

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Check if the electric box is grounded:

To ensure the proper and safe functioning of the gadget, the electrical box should be grounded. The Center screw in a two-prong plug is grounded by default. 

When connecting it with the three-prong plug, you should be sure that the screw tab connects to this grounded screw.

Usually, you don’t have to do anything as you’ll find all these settings already in place. But it is your job to check it before connecting your gadget with your new adapter.

Insurance issues:

Have a look at your home insurance agreement once. In most cases, it does not cover the injuries that occur because of the three-prong plugs. So, be vigilant if you plan to take the risk.

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Summing Up:

Generally, using a three plug adapter is a quick and easy solution to use your devices. But you shouldn’t make this plug a part of your routine. Change your sockets and electrical installations as your priority by hiring a professional electrician.