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5 Signs that your Office Space Need Electrical Work


An office must be a safe place for employees. It is not only an ethical requirement. By law, you are required to ensure the safety of everyone in the vicinity.

In offices, electrical work can prove to be a major hazard to the health and safety of employees. So you must be actively looking for signs to find if there is faulty equipment or if your office space needs electrical work.

In this article, we cover five main signs that you should always be cautious about.

1: Tripping about circuit breakers

If one or more of your circuit breakers trip frequently, there is a need for a quick electrical survey. The point of concern here is that there could be an underlying cause of the tripping circuit breaker. Instead of addressing it, you just overlook it. After some time, it can actually become a serious concern.

Getting this issue reviewed promptly can save you from a huge problem that you could be heading to.

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2: Light bulb flickering

While most of us would consider flickering light a faulty light bulb that must not be cared for, but in reality, it can be a lot more than that.

An overloaded circuit could be causing the bulb to flicker, and it can lead to a fire in extreme cases. So, you must not ignore it and let your electrician have a quick look at the issue.

Even if it is a faulty bulb, we’ll advise you to get rid of it ASAP because light flickering can create headaches and loss of attention, which wouldn’t help maintain employees’ productivity.

3: Hot electrical Sockets

The conversion of AC into DC or plugging in multiple devices in the socket are the general causes of warm electrical outlets and have a justifiable explanation. But broken wires, wrong connections, and chipped outlets can also be creating this problem.

Normally, the electrical sockets do not get hot upon usage. If they are, these electrical sockets indicate a serious problem. So, you must get help from a licensed electrician to resolve the issue.

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4: Sparks in the electrical sockets

One of the other situations where you can get help from professional electricians is when you see sparks while plugging or unplugging switches from the sockets.

In a few cases, it could be the general case without any underlying problems. But in extreme conditions, such sparks can melt the insulation leading to fires. The dangerous sparking could be because of exposure of the electrical circuit to water, or a worn outlet could be the cause.

5: Burning smell

If you feel a burning smell from an electrical socket or appliance, it is a pure warning sign that something is wrong with it. You must switch off the breaker and keep away from such sockets until the licensed electrical arrives for a detailed inspection.

Burning wires or problematic electrical sockets can be causing such smells, which means you are at risk of short-circuiting.

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Summing up:

All these five signs are vital and must not be ignored in any office or commercial space. If you see any of these signs, you must call your electrician immediately and let them have a review of your facility. It will bring security and safety to everyone.