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Why Do Electricians Wear Rubber Gloves While Working?


While doing the electrical work you might have seen electricians wearing rubber gloves. Have you ever wondered why that is so?

We’ll cover the answer to this question here in this article.

Electricity can be dangerous. You need to be very careful about the ways you handle the power. Any measure that will protect you against electric shock is necessary when handling any electrical fixtures or working with electricity.

One of the best options here is to use the appropriate clothing to protect you. Rubber gloves can prove to be the optimal apparel. They are capable of protecting you against electrical shock as the rubber isn’t the electrical conductor.

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What happens during an electric shock?

You are exposed to a high current once you get in direct contact with the electricity. This can lead to the development of a tingling sensation in the body. However, if the amount of current is high, it can lead to severe burns & injuries, and even death.

The intensity of current can also be damaging to your nervous system and the other vital organs. So, you have to be careful around it.

Key reasons why electricians wear rubber gloves?

Below are some key reasons why an electrician should wear rubber gloves:

  • Electrical Insulation:

The primary reason for wearing rubber gloves in electrical works is to provide proper electrical insulation. Rubber is a non-conductive material that does not allow electricity to pass through it. The electricians wear rubber gloves to create a barrier between the hands and equipment directly related to the work.

  • Protection from Electrical Arcs:

Rubber gloves protect the electrician against arcs and flashes. The arcs release high temperatures and intense light, and the rubber gloves protect the electrician’s hands and body.

  • Compliance with Safety Standards:

In many regions, wearing appropriate PPE, including rubber gloves, is a standard practice. When working or near electrical equipment, it is important to comply with the standards to avoid mishaps.

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How can rubber gloves protect?

Rubber is an insulator of electricity, which makes it best to be used around electricity. Using rubber in your hands will ensure that the current won’t pass through your skin.

You should ensure that the gloves you use during the electrical work are made of 100% rubber. Rubber with mixed material does not allow complete protection. Similarly, your gloves must not be damaged as it can be risky for you as well.

Summing up:

When you know about the importance of rubber in electric work, you should always carry a pair of rubber gloves with you. It will ensure proper security. In case of any loose wire, always contact a professional electrician for help.

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