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why do my lights dim

Why do my Lights Dim?

Why my lights dim is a frequently asked question that we are answering in this article.

Are you a bit concerned about the dimming lights of your house? Strangely, even without you doing anything, they get back to normal. 

Your traditional light bulbs have not turned into dim-light bulbs. It is something else that you should care about.

In this article, we will focus on a few reasons for the light dimming problem and try to find the best solution for the issue. So, let’s start.

Reasons for the dim lights:

You don’t have to assume that your home is getting to something scary. It is an electrical fault, and here are a few reasons for triggering it.

Faulty Light Bulbs:

Faulty light bulbs could be the most prominent explanation you can think of when facing dim light issues. 

A partially working bulb or the use of the wrong bulb in the wrong circuit might create light fluctuation, making your home look spooky. To fix this issue, you can replace the light bulb and switch to more compatible options when using dimmers or other lighting circuits.

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Circuit Overload:

The circuit overload is another reason to make your lights dim. To check for this possibility, you need to analyze the flickering behavior. If the light bulbs go dim when you switch on the heavy electricity-consuming electric gadgets, this is more likely a circuit overload issue.

You can resolve it by checking if all your appliances and light fixtures in question are on the same circuit. If yes, and you want it resolved, then you need to go for wiring fixes.

Outdated Wiring:

This can be a problem in the old houses, particularly. Because of the changing electrical needs over time, the wiring of the old home usually can’t sustain the electric demands. In some cases, the worn-out wiring could break the circuits, resulting in the light dimming.

Issues in the Power grid:

This is a rare case, but there can be issues in your local power grid that can be affecting the overall voltage coming to your electric fixtures. Even an increase in the demand for electricity in your neighborhood can create all these issues.

Loose Neutral wire:

If the neutral wire of your lighting has loosened or corroded. It can also be the cause of light fluctuations and can even result in fire. So, you must get help from the professional electrician immediately.

In case of all these issues, the professional electrician can also determine the intensity of the problem and other problems it can cause. So you should reach out for immediate help and get the issue resolved.

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