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What is a Power Surge? (Complete Guide)


A power surge is a sudden increase in the voltage. As a result of the power surge, your electronics and electrical gadgets might get damaged. So, it is important to understand power surges and the reasons causing them. It might not always help protect you and your gadgets, but it might encourage you to take precautionary measures.

What causes a power surge?

There can be two causes of a power surge, internal and external causes. The internal cause of the power surge originates from the electronics requiring high power. Air conditioners, washers, dryers are included in this list of electronics that can create this problem.

Externally, a lightning strike or power grid changes are the major causes of the power surge.

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What happens during the power surge?

When the current through electrical devices exceeds capacity, it can destroy the wiring and components, resulting in its damage.

The power increases might not have to be significant to damage the electrical components. Even minor fluctuations over time can create the same impact that a major power surge will produce.

Can you prevent a power surge?

Fortunately, you can. You can find the surge protector devices that are used with the sockets. Whenever the power increases, the power surge strip can divert it to the ground, saving your equipment from the excessive voltage and thus the damage it can create.

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Summing up:

A power surge can be detrimental to the health of your electronics. It is not much you can do to eliminate its chances from the source, but adopting a surge protecting tool can help you save a lot of your money and time. So, do not forget to add it to your sockets too.