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What causes Heat and Light in a Wire?

Have you observed the wire getting hot whenever you plug it in? Do you want to know the reason? We have it here in this article:

Electricity is the flow of electrons from one point to the other; this movement creates energy, resulting in heat in the wires. Besides, the movement of electrons also has to face resistance from the medium’s material, which also results in heat energy. Thus, making your wires heated.

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But what about the light?

In a few cases, you might see the light as well. Do you know why that is so? When the electricity converts into heat energy and reaches 1000F, you’ll see visible light. 

This is the phenomenon behind the lighting of the bulb. The heat energy formed as a result of the electrical flow is what makes a bulb light.

Summing up:

The process behind the heat and light in the wire is very simple. The flow of electric current is responsible for the generation of heat and light. 

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