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4 ways that you can ensure your home passes an electrical inspection


Electrical inspection of your home might not be frequent. But it is essential in different scenarios like identifying the cause of an electrical problem, buying home insurance, or selling your home.

While an electrical inspection is scheduled for your home, there are a few things that you can manage beforehand to pass the scrutiny. We’ll discuss them in this article:

Keep an eye on your wires:

If the wires in your home are faulty, broken, or hanging outside the outlets, it is best to fix them before the inspection. The exposed wire can cause short-circuiting and create a risk of electrical shocks. So, an inspector cannot approve of a home with such issues.

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Protection of electrical outlets against moisture:

In the bathroom and kitchen area, all your electrical outlets must be away from the range of splashing water. Besides, moisture in these areas is also one of the concerns for the electrical wires, outlets, and plugs, so manage this aspect well so that your home can pass the electrical inspection.

Lit Staircase:

One of the other primary things your electrical inspector would note is the adequate lighting arrangements, especially at places like the staircase. So, to pass an inspection, it is essential to ensure that your staircase, which could be considered a falling hazard due to inadequate lighting, should be fixed. With proper measures in place, you can increase your chances of passing an electrical inspection.

Fix the general degradation issues:

Any signs of the general degradation of the house, including the electrical wiring and equipment, is also a point of concern for the inspecting officer. Corrosion, cracked insulation, water intrusion, or damage to the electrical panel are a few general signs of degradation that needs fixing before the inspection.

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Summing up:

In case you find any of these issues in your home, it is better to get it thoroughly checked and fixed by the electrician; otherwise, the electrical inspector will fail the inspection, leading to adverse consequences.

A professional electrical company can help you in this regard. You can ask these 5 questions to be sure about the electricians’ expertise.