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5 Questions that You Should ask Before Hiring an Electrician


Whether it is a minor fixing of the existing socket or the new lighting fixtures installation, you’ll need a professional electrician.

But finding an electrician who really knows how things work is a difficult task. You definitely do not want any experiments with your home or commercial building, right? So, what can you do?

Here we are sharing a list of 5 questions that you should ask before hiring an electrician. The answers to these questions will help you shortlist the best candidate for your electrical tasks.

Do you have an electrical license and permits?

The basic question to shortlist an electrician for your home or office building is to ask for the electrical license and permits.

Every electrician who claims to be qualified enough to work as a commercial electrician must show qualification proof in the form of a license.

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You must ensure that the licensing period of the candidate is valid. Besides, you should also ask for other permits if the nature of electrical work requires complex expertise. For example, if you want to rewire your home, you’ll have to ask for a master’s license from your electrician. While installing electrical fixtures, they must produce the journeyman permit.

In case an electrician fails to produce these documents, you must not hire them as it would not only be costly in the long run but will bring in serious risks along.

Who will do the job?

You must ask the person with whom you communicate about the concerned person who’ll do the job. It is highly likely that the person talking to you might not be a working electrician. So, it is important to clarify this aspect before starting the job.

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Do you have insurance coverage?

Another important question that you must ask an electrician is about insurance coverage. Your electrician must cover the contractor’s liability. It means that in case of any incident at your place, your loss and the electrician’s injury would be covered by the electrician’s insurance company.

If your electrician doesn’t produce such insurance proof, then you must not hire them.

Do you have a reference?

One of the other questions you must ask your electrician before hiring is, “do you have a reference”? Asking for a reference can let you get a recommendation for the work done by a particular electrician before.

The references can give an idea about the expertise level of the electrician you want to hire, thus helping you make the correct decision.

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Have you done any similar projects?

The last question that you can ask your electrician is if they have done any similar projects recently. If they have already managed a project similar to what you want them to do, there are higher chances that you can get better outcomes.

Summing up:

If you have been confused about selecting the right electrician to do a particular job, these questions can help. So, do not miss the opportunity of choosing the best candidate for the gig.