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What are the Proper Ways to Handle an Electrical Emergency?


When our electrical gadgets are working fine, we are not even aware that electricity is sourcing them. But what when something goes wrong? You cannot simply go on using the electrical socket if it sparks or if your light switch has gone loose.

In a serious situation, the entire light of your house could flicker or shut off, so what do you think should be the proper method to handle this situation? If you aren’t aware, it is important that we go through it together, as it can reduce the risk and keep you safe.

Stay Prepared:

An electrical emergency is not something impossible and anyone can get into such a situation. So, it is better to stay prepared. Have the emergency numbers ready and at a location where anyone can access them. Doing so will ensure that you can get the necessary help as soon as possible.

Stay calm:

Even if you get into some problem, you should not panic as an open mind can save your life and you can help others too.

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What should you do in specific situations?

Here are a few cases that can help you get a better idea of the situation and the way you act.

If someone has received an electrical shock, do not touch that person or the electrical gadget emitting the shock. You should switch off the main power and then unplug the device. But all this has to be done as quickly as possible. Call the emergency numbers immediately to take the suffering individual to the hospital and to let the electricians find the fault.

In case you see falling power lines, you should stay away from them. Never touch such open lines or even the person who was shocked in such a situation. Call for help immediately.

In a situation where your building or office has caught fire because of a short circuit, do not use water to reduce the fire. You can use fire extinguishers if you are aware of how to use them. If not, it is advisable to leave the building and call the emergency department.

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Summing up:

Electrical issues can turn very severe. So, it is important to know the basics to keep yourself and others safe. If you are unsure about any electrical problem, always contact a professional electrician.