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The 606 Chicago


With this number defining a particular place, you must be a bit excited to know more about this place, are you? So, let’s get going with it:

It is a park:

Most of you might not have guessed it the name, but the 606 is actually a park. However, it is not only the park. It is a bit different from the traditional parks that you always visit.

You can have a good walk on the trail, enjoy different games with your family, and even kids can have a wonderful time.

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Science at the 606:

Yeah, this is the difference in the 606 Chicago and other parks around. You have the facility to engage in science explorations both formally and informally.

There are three distinct methodologies to get this done. Citizen Science Projects, Drop-In science, and Research partnerships are the available options. Within each of these methodologies, you have the opportunity to get along with your research objectives and needs.

One of the primary research works conducted here is from the Lincoln Zoo. The experts studied the 606 trail regarding its viability for wildlife. Whether or not the wild animals from the Lincoln Zoo make this trail and the park their permanent residence.

Arrangement of the Events:

At 606, you’ll find the management always ready to arrange different events, so the regular park visitors always have something new to enjoy. Besides, it also attracts more visitors to the park, making it one of the famous and busiest places.

Arts at 606:

Like all the other fields, the arts at the 606 have not been left out. You can find temporary artworks from different designers in the park. Thus motivating the designers and providing the new ones with an inspiration to share their art pieces.

The park also has different facilities to encourage the performing arts. You can find different plays and other artistic events arranged at the 606.

Summing up:

The 606 Chicago is just not just any park, but it is full of attractions that you’ll surely love. So, plan your visit accordingly.

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