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Shedd Aquarium


If you love fish and other marine animals, then Shedd Aquarium is a must-visit place for you. It is an indoor aquarium that has a wide range of sea animals waiting for you. Visiting this place would also make you feel special because this indoor aquarium was the first of a kind when it was built in 1930.

The increase in the number of animals and its infrastructural improvement still makes it one of the best places to visit in Chicago with your family.

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What to expect in Shedd Aquarium?

Here are a few things you should expect from the Shedd Aquarium. These include:

Millions of Animals:

Today, this beautiful aquarium is home to thousands of sea creatures. With the current animal count of 32,000, you can expect to see some of the rarest varieties of creatures found in the big water tanks. We are sure you wouldn’t have seen most of these with your eyes before. So, it is worth spending a day, isn’t it?

Large tanks of water:

Although it seems obvious, the large water tanks are so wonderful that you can even spend some time absorbing their vastness and the water they contain. With all the tanks around you, you’ll be overwhelmed with the beauty of water only, even if there are no creatures in it.

Presence of Exhibits:

This aquarium does not only feature the sea animals only, it also contains exhibits from the sea world, including Caribbean reefs and wild reefs. So, you can have a look around the world by visiting this Aquarium.

Feel the Amazon Rising:

You’ll find this special area of 8600 sq. ft dedicated to Amazon Jungle associated river and the creatures present in the original Amazon jungle. Walking through this unique area, you can feel the species and experience the highest water level – all within the aquarium.

Research Facility is Available too:

This aquarium is not for recreational purposes only, it also has a researching facility where the behaviors of animals and their species are studied. Besides animal training, their nutrition and animal health are some other aspects that come under the limelight in the research studies conducted here.

Summing up:

If you live in Chicago, missing out on this fun isn’t the right thing to do. This informational and fun journey can be perfect for the kids too. So, bring your kids along and see them enjoy themselves at this wonderful place.

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