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Pullman National Monument


Do you want to look at the first planned industrial community of the United States? Pullman National Monument is the place you should visit.

Apart from establishing its reputation as one of the best company towns ever built, it is also known for the violent Pullman strike of 1894.

Even if you don’t know about the area’s history, you’ll still want to visit the place as a tourist because the monument has a great building that visitors often love.

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Features and History of Pullman National Monument:

George Pullman is the man behind the creation of this monument. George Pullman was an innovative entrepreneur who found the solution for the existing problems and went the extra mile to provide the employees or workers with a suitable environment to live in. The Pullman National Monument is an example of his efforts.

The emphasis on Pullman’s role in creating this monument is integral because in the nineteenth century right of the employees and lower-class citizens were not emphasized. So, his thinking was revolutionary at that time.

Source of Attraction:

Pullman started a factory to manufacture sleeping cars outside Chicago. To accomplish it, he created a specialized unit where workers could live alongside the factory. This factory was estimated to give a 6% return; however, it did not manage to do so. Still, Pullman created a buzz that made people visit this place and acknowledge it.

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Pullman Strike:

We all know Pullman Strike had an impact on the way society perceived the labor unions. It made the event highlighted in history. With the decrease in the demand for cars and the inability to reach the targeted profit, the costs were cut; the workers’ wages decreased. It resulted in agitations, finally leading to the strike call.

The case was taken to the Supreme Court, where the non-industrial holdings were ordered to be sold with the first right given to the residents, i.e., laborers. It also established that the government could intervene in factory disputes, especially when the issue becomes judicial. This incident was considered a precedent to set how things will work in the future.

Summing Up:

With such historical and political value, Pullman National Monument has become one of the best places in Chicago. You should surely plan a trip to this place and enjoy what this place has to offer its visitors.

We are sure it will be a fun way to spend time at.

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