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Ping Tom Memorial Park


Chicago has multiple small and big parks, offering you clean and green space around you. You can visit these parks and ensure a healthy environment. One such park includes the Ping Tom Memorial Park. If you are looking for a park to enjoy a clean environment, then you can visit the Ping Tom Memorial.

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Things to enjoy in Ping Tom Memorial Park

Below are the main features of the park and the things you can enjoy in Ping Tom Memorial Park, Chicago:

Size of the park

The park is just like a public neighborhood park with an area of 17.44-acre. Like any other park, it also contains grounds and walking trails. You can easily choose this park for your morning or evening walk and maintain your health.

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Chinese design elements

In the park, Chinese design elements are the central theme. The landscape design elements ensure that visitors can have a simple look at the Chinese architecture and the decoration elements. People fans of Chinese culture and living might want to visit this park and take pictures of it.

Playground for children

It isn’t just a park for adults to maintain their health. Instead, it offers a specifically developed play area. You can take your kids along, and we are sure they’ll have a lot of fun playing with the other kids. You can even plan a small picnic together and spend quality time playing with them.

A fully equipped Fieldhouse

There is a Fieldhouse in the park too. It is named in honor of the late Advisory Council President Leonard Louie. It was completed in 2013. The facility offers a multi-purpose gymnasium, an in-depth indoor swimming pool, meeting rooms, and a fitness center. Moreover, there are specific locker rooms for men and women and a full-service kitchen.

Within this Fieldhouse, you can exercise and develop your strength with the state-of-the-art facility.

Walking paths

Apart from everything else, you can use specialized walking paths for morning and evening walks. The scenery around the walking path is marvelous; a river flows by the side. So, you can enjoy a stroll along and spend some time close to nature.

Summing up

These features and facilities are just a few from the long list of recreational activities offered by Ping Tom Memorial Park. You can plan your weekend and spend some time in this park with your friends and family to create beautiful memories together.

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