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Do you have an electrical problem at hand? We can help you with the best electrician services in the Portage Park area. We are a team of professional licensed electricians working in Chicago. We aim to help all our clients in their electrical emergencies. So, if you need help with any of your electrical errands, give us a call, and we’ll be there to help. 

Whether it is the commercial building or the residential setup, we are trained to manage all tasks with complete efficiency. You can even hire us for monthly overhaul and maintenance, and experts will be available for you whenever required. Besides, we deal with all types of issuers from finding faults in the wiring to installing electrical bulbs. If this is something you need for your home or business, MCC Electric is the company to consider.

What Are The Services Offered by MCC Electric?

1. Lighting Services:

MCC Electric in Portage Park likely offers comprehensive lighting services, including:

a. Installation of energy-efficient lighting systems.

b. Upgrades to modern and stylish lighting fixtures.

c. Lighting design services for optimal aesthetics and functionality.

2. Security Systems:

For enhanced security, MCC Electric provides:

a. CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) system installations for surveillance.

b. Installation of alarm systems to deter intruders.

c. Access control systems to manage entry and enhance overall security.

3. Power Backup Solutions:

MCC Electric is likely to offer power backup solutions such as:

a. Installation of generators to provide backup power during outages.

b. Battery backup systems for critical electrical needs, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

4. Rewiring Services:

In terms of rewiring, MCC Electric might offer:

a. Complete or partial rewiring services for residential and commercial properties.

b. Assessment and replacement of outdated or faulty wiring.

c. Upgrading electrical systems to meet current safety standards.

mcc electric truck for services

Why should you hire Chicago Electricians in Portage Park Chicago?

Following are the main reasons to hire MCC Electric:

1. We offer complete satisfaction for all our clients, helping them get through their problems.

2. We ensure to create a safe environment for everyone around, including your facility. Our experts are trained to minimize the risk while ensuring the restoration of electricity.

3. Our team can serve you at the time of your convenience. You can book our service in advance and be at ease.

4. Tasks like fixing the electrical sockets to the wiring of the residential building or a commercial arena – we can cater everything.

5. You can find our services all around Chicago, including Portage Park Area. 

6. Our priority is providing the best services for you while keeping the problems limited. So, you can surely expect to get the timely service and the best value for your money. 

Book an appointment today to get help in all electrical tasks in the Portage Park area.

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Portage Park:

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Six Corners Shopping District:

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Portage Theater:

Catch a movie or attend an event at the historic Portage Theater. This classic venue hosts films, live performances, and community events.

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