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Electrician in North Park


Have an electrical problem at hand? How do you expect to handle it? You should look for a professional electrician in North Park, Chicago. 

Whether it is an issue with your wiring or the electrical sockets, you can get help from the expert team capable of handling all these issues. 

Irrespective if you want us to handle the issue of a residential building or the commercial one, MCC Electric can help.

Residential or Commercial Building services:

When looking for electrical services in residential areas or commercial buildings, you can choose MCC Electric. Our experts are capable of handling all sorts of issues. So, you don’t have to worry much about safety, security, and other such errands. 

Big or Small Tasks:

We help you with all the electrical errands, whether they are big or small. From fixing the socket or an outlet to the complete wire overhaul, our professional electricians can handle everything. 

So, whenever you face a problem related to electricity, you can call us, and we can help you.

What are Specific Services Offered by MCC Electric?

Here are the primary services offered by MCC Electric in North Park:

Lighting Services:

MCC Electric in North Park excels in lighting services, offering expert installation and upgrades. Illuminate your space with energy-efficient solutions designed for both aesthetics and functionality.

Electrical Solutions:

For comprehensive electrical services in North Park, trust MCC Electric. From residential wiring to commercial installations, our skilled team ensures safe, reliable, and efficient electrical systems tailored to your needs.

Security Systems and Power Backup:

Enhance the safety of your property with state-of-the-art security systems, including CCTV and access control installations. Additionally, ensure uninterrupted power with power backup solutions like generators and battery systems provided by MCC Electric in North Park.

Cabling and Networking:

MCC Electric offers professional cabling services, ensuring seamless communication networks for homes and businesses in North Park. From data cable installations to network solutions, trust us for reliable connectivity.

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What to expect from MCC Electric?

Here are the features of the primary service you should expect:

1. We ensure timely services

2. You can get the best rate in North Park, Chicago

3. Licensed professionals to take care of all electrical needs

4. Best people to contact for resolving home and commercial problems

Things To In North Park, Chicago:

Below are the main things to enjoy in North Park, Chicago, while waiting for the electrical repairs:

North Park University Campus:

Explore the North Park University campus, known for its green spaces, modern architecture, and cultural events.

River Park:

Enjoy outdoor activities at River Park, which features sports fields, a playground, and walking paths along the North Shore Channel.

Swedish American Museum:

Learn about the neighborhood’s history at the Swedish American Museum. Explore exhibits on Swedish culture and heritage, and attend cultural events hosted by the museum.

North Mayfair:

Take a stroll through the North Mayfair neighborhood, known for its bungalow-style homes and quiet residential streets.

North Park Village Nature Center:

Immerse yourself in nature at the North Park Village Nature Center. Explore trails, visit the educational center, and discover the local flora and fauna.

How To Get in Touch?

Do you want your electrical components or wiring to be fixed? You can hire MCC Electric. In case of emergencies, we can provide you with the electrical series readily, while for all the other tasks, you can get the expert team at your place within 24 hours. 

All you have to do is call us and share the nature of the electrical issue, and we can decide a mutual time that can benefit all the stakeholders. 

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