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In case of an electrical emergency, you cannot wait for an electrician, you need immediate services, and we understand it fully. Not only in case of emergencies, but you can connect with us for the resolution of all your electrical issues. We are here to help, especially if you live in Elmwood Park.

We can guarantee professional services promptly for all our clients. Besides, we take care of the security and the safety of you & your facility when fixing the electrical issue. One of the best features of our service is that all our staff members are licensed electricians. 

Minor or Major electric work:

Do you have minor or major electrical work at home or in commercial space? We can help you with anything you need help with. We’ll assess your problem and go to our maximum abilities to find the solution for your problem in Elmwood Park.

Services Offered by MCC Electric:

Following are the main services offered by MCC Electric in Elmwood Chicago:

Residential Wiring and Installations:

Elevate your Elmwood home with MCC Electric’s residential wiring expertise. Our skilled technicians ensure seamless installations, lighting upgrades, and modernized electrical panels for a safe and efficient living environment.

Commercial Electrical Services:

Empower your Elmwood business with MCC Electric’s commercial electrical services. From routine maintenance to energy-efficient lighting solutions, we specialize in keeping your electrical systems reliable and efficient. Swift emergency repairs minimize downtime, ensuring seamless business operations.

Safety Inspections and Code Compliance:

Safety is paramount in Elmwood, and MCC Electric excels in thorough safety inspections. Beyond routine checks, we identify potential hazards and ensure strict compliance with local electrical codes, creating secure environments for homes and businesses.

Power Backup Solutions:

Experience uninterrupted power in Elmwood with MCC Electric’s backup solutions. From expert generator installations to advanced battery backup systems, we mitigate the impact of outages, providing reliable power for homes and businesses alike.

Security Systems:

Safeguard your Elmwood property with MCC Electric’s advanced security systems. Our CCTV installations offer vigilant surveillance, while alarm systems and access control solutions fortify your property. We tailor security measures to your unique needs for comprehensive protection.

mcc electric truck for services

What to expect from our services in Elmwood Park?

Below are the service aspects you should expect from Chicago Electricians:

  • We provide electrical services in Elmwood Park and the other associated areas.
  • You can expect professional service to cater to all your electric needs.
  • Whether it is minor or major repair work or new electrical installation, Chicago Electricians are here to help.
  • Being a licensed professional, we can guarantee the accuracy of work and the associated safety & security for your services.
  • You can get timely services to help you with all your electrical needs.

Things To Do in Elmwood Park:

When waiting for the electrical team to arrive at your place, you can spend your time at any of the following locations:

Ashe Arthur Beach:

Consisting of 2.31 acres, Ashe Beach Park was developed in 1980s and since then it has been an important part of the neighborhood. You can enjoy some peaceful time with your family in this park.

Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets

Whether you want to buy monthly grocery or a quick snack, Angelo’s Fresh Market can offer you all. It is a great opportunity to spend some time with your friends and family.

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