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Is It Possible to Hear Electricity?


While sitting near an electrical outlet or close to an electrical appliance, you’ll often hear a buzzing sound. Do you feel it is electricity talking to you?

Well, it can be. By the way, let us add you haven’t got any superpowers, and most people can actually hear this sound when there is complete silence.

Some people have strong sensations that can help them pick such meager sounds like that of electricity, while others might not even notice them. So, either way, you are completely normal.

Why does that sound come?

As some people might say, this buzzing or humming sound is the by-product of electricity. It releases this sound when the electricity flows through the electrical outlet or the electrical appliances.

An important thing to note here is that the alternating current with high voltage will produce a louder sound than the low voltage current. So, if you have been missing the electrical noise, it could be because of this reason.

Is there some other way to feel this noise?

Yeah, you can feel the noise or the static current in the operation of the appliance or equipment too.

You can feel the static signals while watching TV, while your dryer might behave a bit differently. This is the sound showing it off in ways.

From where does the buzzing sound actually come?

The flow of current in the outlets makes the transformer vibrates. This vibration is what humans feel as sound.

If you hear the buzzing sound from the high-voltage lines, it is because of ionizing. When electricity comes in contact with air, it discharges a bit, creating a hissing sound. It is even more audible in humid environments. The conductivity of air or atmosphere increases, and there is a higher chance of getting electrocuted.

You must be very careful with and around electrical objects in humid weather as it can be much more dangerous compared to the other seasons.

When does this sound become dangerous?

The electricity sound might be emitted regularly, but people usually don’t hear it for long. But if it is audible enough to make you concerned, then it is better to seek professional help from the electricians.

The sound can be the result of broken wires and other issues with your electrical equipment. Do not risk and call Chicago Electricians immediately.

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