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How to Connect two Wires Together?

Are you trying to connect two wires together? You must have been trying a DIY hack for a quick electrical repair, right? So is it the wire connection that is taking a lot of your time? It won’t be an issue anymore, as we’ll share a few methods for connecting the wires together here in this article.

You can read through and practice the method that you feel is the easiest. It will help you throughout your life.

A few things to note:

A wire you usually see is an insulated one. It is covered with plastic for your safety and protection against heat. So while connecting the two wires, you’ll have to remove the plastic insulation. This process is known as stripping the wire and is usually done with wire strippers or cutters.

Methods for connecting two wires:

Below are different methods for connecting wires you can utilize:

Alligator Clip Method:

This method can be considered a quick fix to the problem, but it is not durable or strong enough to be considered a permanent solution.

You’ll need alligator clips (available from any electrical store). Hold the two stripped wires parallel to each other and connect the Alligator clip so that “teeth” form a connection between both wires.

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Electrical Tape Method:

This method can provide you a long-term or permanent solution. Besides, you only need electrical tape to connect wires using this method.

Twist the wire ends together. Once done, wrap the tape around this connection. 5-6 layers of tape would be sufficient to create the connection strong enough.

Hot Glue Method:

One of the advanced methods of connecting the wires together is Hot Glue Method. The best thing about this method is that it insulates the wire along with the connection formation.

You’ll require a hot glue gun. Twist the wires you have to connect. Heat the glue gun and keep it perpendicular to the twisted electrical wire. Squeeze the glue out of the gun onto the wire and spread it around the connection with a pencil. Let the glue cool, and you’ll have your wires connected and insulated.

Crimping Method:

This method is a bit tricky and requires a bit of expertise to get it right. However, once done, it is a strong solution to the wire connectivity issues.

A crimp, thing piece of metal tubing, and a crimping tool, are the tools required for this purpose.

Strip the wires you want to connect. Put the stripped end of both wires in the crimping tool so that it touches the insulation point. Now place the crimp in the notch of the crimping tool.

Squeeze this tool to create a U shape, and your wires are connected.

Soldering Methods:

In this method, you’ll use the solder tubes at the point of connection for forming the joint. Place the solder stick at the place where you want to connect the wires and apply heat. The heat will melt the solder forming a powerful bond of insulation and the wires.


These five methods can provide you with different strengths for connecting wires. Depending on the connection you require, you can apply it and get your wires connected. If you are unsure how to do it, you can hire professional electricians in Chicago for help.

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