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Frederick C. Robie House Chicago


Do you know what is unique about this Frederick C. Robie House? It was built by an architect based on Prairie School – the first building in this architectural style. This building style has won multiple awards, which makes it one of the important tourist locations.

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Who should visit Frederick C. Robie House Chicago?

This place is open for everyone to visit and praise the architecture. However, if you have no interest in architecture, visiting it won’t be a fun activity. If you are an architect or love buildings, you should visit this place, as it can be considered a monument or landmark in the architectural design.

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Is it easy to visit this House?

Yes, Woodlawn Avenue is your destination. So you either can follow the directions in your car or can get a means of public transport for your destination. You can get it from anywhere in Chicago.

One more thing to note here is that this House only has ground-floor wheelchair accessibility facilities. Its first floor isn’t supported for visitors on wheelchairs.

Will there be a guided tour?

Yes, a guided tour comes with a paid ticket. However, it usually starts on time, and the visitors arriving late will have to join in between. No accommodations are made to start the tour again or compensate for the late arrivals in any way.

This tour is crucial as it explains the different life events of the architect and the associated history of this House. If you want to know more about the House, be sure to be on time.

Summing Up:

Looking at a home, which is over a century old would be a great experience. This House is not unique because of its age only. Instead, its architectural style is also the reason that made it famous. So, if you are interested in such visits, you should plan one now for Frederick C. Robie House.

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