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How can compressor air pressure leaks end up costing you money?


A compressor can contribute 25-30% towards your energy bills. With such a high impact on your monthly energy bills, you should be looking even for minor efficiencies in your compressor, right? As these inefficiencies can impact the cost you are bearing.

In this article, we’ll share the ways the air pressure leaks from your compressor add up to your energy bills. So, be ready to take immediate steps after this article. We are sure you cannot continue excessive spending on your electricity bills without reason.

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How is an air compressor leak costing you money?

Here are different perspectives to evaluate your compressor air pressure leaks and their impact on the power bills.

Your compressor will need more energy:

If your compressor has a gas leakage, it will take more time to get to the required level. It means it is draining more power, contributing excessively to your energy bills.

The additional time required will create an extra cost:

The additional time that your compressor will take to reach the optimal level with a gas leak would also translate to the cost that you’ll incur. It can be in the form of delayed tasks, higher downtime, and cost of labor.

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Cost of repair:

You’ll also have to go through the repair cost when you have the compressor leak issue. Sooner or later, you’ll have to incur the cost of repair. You should do it as soon as possible, but you’ll have to keep the repair and maintenance in the cost category.

Summing up:

You should hire an expert electrician to check the air leak from your compressor. You should opt for this procedure if your electricity bill has increased by 20-30% without any new addition to the electrical equipment.

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