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Centennial Wheel


Centennial Wheel is a major attraction in Chicago for adventure seekers and tourists. The wheel ride can take you over 200 feet. You can have a bird’s eye view of the city skyline and Michigan Lake at a time.

Do you want to know more about the lovely riding wheel? Read ahead, and you can surely figure out what amazing things you can find at this beautiful attraction in Chicago.

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What are the essential things to enjoy at Centennial Wheel?

Here are the main attractions you acne expect to enjoy. Do not forget to have company when you go for a ride because it will be a lot more fun than visiting it alone. However, if you are an individual looking for solitude and some me-time, even then, this ride could offer you a great time. Let’s see how:

Get 3 Full revolutions:

You are paying for not only the single revolution at Centennial Wheel Chicago. Within the same ticket, you get 3 full revolutions. It means you can have views from different sides every time you reach the top of the Wheel. Besides, it takes around 13 minutes the completion a ride.

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Enjoy the Panoramic view

While on the Wheel, you can enjoy the panoramic view of downtown, Lake Michigan, and Navy Pier. You don’t see the city and water from a height daily. So, it will provide you with a great experience.

Click as many pictures as you want

With your mobile phone camera, you can click as many pictures as possible with the sky, water, or city as the backdrop. You can also get a souvenir picture from the Wheel’s administration at a minimal cost.

No time restriction

You don’t have to wait for a particular season or the month of the year to have a ride on this Wheel. The gondolas are heated, so you can even have a nice comfortable rife on the Wheel in the winter.

Flexible ticket dates are available

You don’t have to buy the exact ticket for the particular time of the day. The ticket remains valid for 7 days after the purchase. So, you can easily set your schedule and choose the time that suit you to visit the ride and have fun.

Summing up

Centennial Wheel is a fun place to be in Chicago. You must visit it at least once to look over the city from the top. It will surely be mesmerizing.

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