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Buckingham Fountain


Present in the middle of Grant Park, there is a historical fountain where you can enjoy your time at. It is one of the famous places in Chicago that you wouldn’t like to miss whether you are residing in the area or visiting it as a tourist.

There are several facts associated with this fountain. What are they? We have discussed them below. We are sure reading about these facts would help you make up your mind to visit this area:

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Nearly hundred years old:

Although this fountain has not celebrated its hundredth anniversary yet, it is nearly 100 years old. It was founded in 1927. Since then, it has been a wonderful place for visitors to spend their time and play around.

Largest fountains in the world:

You might not register this fountain as the largest worldwide, but it is definitely amongst ONE of the largest.  This fact adds to its yearly visits and the expectations of the visitors regarding it.

Arrangement of different shows:

Buckingham Fountain is not only a fountain; instead, it has other activities in place, which include the arrangement of different water and color light shows. In these shows, the fountains are lit with multi-colored lights, the fountain looks mesmerizing.

Built-in the wedding cake style:

One of the most amazing things about this fountain is its design. It is built in the wedding cake style. Yes, literally. Isn’t it a lovely design feature that makes this fountain even more special? If yes, then you should plan a visit today.

To add to your information, this fountain was designed by Burnham, Daniel H., and Bennett, Edward H. These two architects did full justice, and the result is a masterpiece that we all can enjoy today.

Summing Up:

We are sure all these facts are enticing enough to encourage you to visit Buckingham Fountain. So, plan it now!

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